Innovation Leads the Future


“Safety” in Mega Safety is more than a word, it is the credo ingrained in our DNA. Continuously R&D plays a critical role in our innovation process. It’s a lasting investment in future capabilities which is transformed into new materials, new products, and production processes that help improve performance and protection.








Technical Yarns –Maximum Protection

Being vertically integrated all the way upstream to the manufacture of yarn materials, Mega Safety has developed a range of technical yarns and fibers. We offer a variety of Cut, Abrasion, Thermal and Fire-resistant solutions in the form of technical yarns and fibers that are strong yet comfortable. The strength in the core and comfort makes our products the best fit for your needs.






Innovative Coatings –Grip & Comfort & Durability

Mega Safety has developed a various different glove coatings including micro foam nitrile coating, sandy foam nitrile/latex coating, crinkled latex coating, PU coating and extra coating options. The workers can find the correct hand protection in Mega safety for superior grip, comfort, and durability.